The face of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is managed through its Public Relations Office. This department serves as the conduit to cultivating constructive and sustainable interactions. Located at the organisation’s Headquarters in Bulawayo its staff are always on call 24/7. Amongst a host of functions its major function is to ensure that an accommodative communication platform for all Publics is created. Besides managing and monitoring media relations, handling complaints, issuance of filming and photographing permits, general enquiries and requests for assistance are also channelled through this Office. Our philosophy as a corporate citizen is to always ensure that honesty and dignity form the basis of our interaction with all publics at all times.

The NRZ as a corporate citizen realises the importance of sound Corporate Social Responsibility programs. It is against this background that the NRZ has opened up some of its Railway Clinics in remote areas to the ordinary public complimenting national health for all efforts. In the same light these health centres are usually first responders to medical emergencies within their area of operation. In an effort to promote responsible citizenship, regular informative programs are undertaken at mainly exhibitions as well as through public mediums, so as to promote a sense of ownership of rail infrastructure. The Public relations also Facilitates familiarisation and educational tours of all railway facilities. Every railway worker represents the face of the NRZ image and thus we strive to inculcate a culture of responsibility, good conduct and healthy customer relations.