Unlocking value on Railway land

NRZ REAL ESTATE is the custodian of all NRZ immovable property whose mandate is to achieve maximum returns through leasing of surplus land and buildings. The NRZ offers you an opportunity to buy your own land to set up a business venture of your choice. As an organization we have vast tracts of land that we are now opening up to any one with the potential to invest.

NRZ has vacant Warehouses in various locations throughout Zimbabwe that may be utilized as workshops, office blocks and ware houses. Take advantage of these facilities to start your business. s

The NRZ offers you an opportunity to lease its prime land along the Railway corridor and at its Main Stations for establishment of Food Courts, Warehousing facilities, Service Stations, Truck Inns, Market Gardening, Green Garden Wedding Centres and  Cattle Breeding at competitive rates for agreed lease tenures.

Joint Venture Partnerships

  • Commercial developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Recreation facilities
  • Road Ports

Building Leases for;

  • Storage facilities or sites
  • Ware houses
  • Workshop premises
  • Office space

Land Leases for;

  • Wedding gardens
  • Truck Inns
  • Holiday Resort developments
  • Cattle breeding
  • Fuel service stations