The National Railways of Zimbabwe`s Procurement Policies and procedures are guided by Treasury Instructions through issuance of Statutory Instruments which are reviewed periodically.Registration To Supply
Suppliers of goods and services are required to register with the State Procurement Board for consideration.
Once registered as an approved supplier by State Procurement Board any company wishing to participate in the supply of goods and services to National Railways of Zimbabwe is free to approach our procurement team to advise areas of interest that the company wishes to be considered for.

The procurement team will make enquiries for goods and services required and, dependent on the limits of authority, award purchase orders to successful respondents.

Invitation To Tender
The following are three categories of Tenders for which invitations are sent to registered companies to supply National Railways of Zimbabwe requirements:-

  • Informal Tender
  • Formal Tender
  • Special Formal Tender

Informal Tender:  Purchases from US$22 500
These are tenders which close at and are handled by National Railways of Zimbabwe. Informal Tenders are advertised in the local press and the terms and conditions of the tenders are stipulated in the Tender Documents.

Formal Tender
Formal Tenders close at State Procurement Board. National Railways of Zimbabwe provides specifications and/or drawings to facilitate clear understanding of the requirement. Formal Tenders are advertised in the Government Gazette as well as local press.

Special Formal Tender
Special Formal Tender may be invited only in the following cases-

a)    Urgent requirements where time does not permit the invitation of tenders by advertisement in the Government Gazette.
b)    Supplies and services of local interest only
c)    requirements of a proprietary nature and where names of likely suppliers are known; and
formal tenders to which there has been no response and where it is necessary to re-invite formal
services which in the opinion of the Board are of specialist nature.
d)    Services which in the opinion of the Board concern national security.

In all the above mentioned modes of procurement it is mandatory to comply with the terms and conditions stated.

Tender Evaluation Systems
The Technical and Commercial Evaluation System for both Informal and Formal Tenders is carried out by National Railways of Zimbabwe through an internal Procurement and Tender Committee

Signing of Contracts/ Purchase Orders
When tenders have been awarded at the appropriate authorization level, purchase orders or contracts are then signed and suppliers advised to deliver the required goods or services to National Railways of Zimbabwe.

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