The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) recognizes the importance of its role in the economic performance of the country and appreciates the inherent safety, health and environmental impacts of its operations and processes.


The National Railways of Zimbabwe promotes the transformation of the economy and the lives of the people of Zimbabwe through the provision of a safe, seamless, efficient, reliable and cost effective bulk transportation service of goods and passengers.


To ensure National Railways of Zimbabwe attains national and international safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) standards in all its work processes and operations.

Core Safety, Health and Environment Values

We believe that:-

  • All operations should be carried out in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Investment in safety, health and environment management programmes is as important as profit maximization.
  • Safety is the business of every NRZ employee and its stakeholders, with all parties acting in good faith.
  • All our operations and processes should harmoniously co-exist with the environment and communities through implementation of best practices.

Safety, Health and Environment Governance

The National Railways of Zimbabwe shall endeavor to:-

  • Comply with prevailing extant regulations, statutory requirements and adopted harmonized regional standards.
  • Integrate safety, health and environment management systems in all its undertakings.
  • Provide and maintain safe, health and conducive working environment for employees, contractors and general public.
  • Investigate record and take timeous remedial action on all accidents and incidents.
  • Inform and train all employees and its stakeholders to raise awareness and seek their co-operation in implementing safety, health and environment programs
  • Monitor, review and evaluate its work processes to facilitate continual safety, health and environment improvement

Whenever a conflict of interest exists, safety shall take precedence over all other considerations.