Who are we?

The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is a designated corporate body in terms of a Zimbabwean Act of Parliament. It is wholly owned by the Government of Zimbabwe and as such operates in accordance with the public sector rules and regulations, as amended from time to time. It was established to provide, operate and maintain an efficient system of public transportation of goods and passengers by rail.  

The NRZ operates a rail network stretching 2760 route kilometers of 1067mm gauge track.  It sits at the centre of the southern African Region and interfaces with contiguous railways on export/import route entries at Mutare/Machipanda for Beira, Sango/Chicualacuala for Maputo, Beitbridge for South Africa, Plumtree for Botswana and Victoria Falls for Zambia. The NRZ’s central position in the southern African Region makes it the ‘hub and gateway of the region’.

What is our mission?

The National Railways of Zimbabwe promotes the transformation of the economy and the lives of the people of Zimbabwe through an innovative provision of seamless, efficient, reliable, cost-effective and safe transportation service of goods and passengers in the country.  

What is our Vision?

To be a provider of world class railway infrastructure and transport services in Zimbabwe by 2018.

What are our Core Values?

As we carry out our mission and strive to attain our vision, we are guided by the following values:

Human Capital
We strongly believe that human capital is the most important resource of our organization and as such we pay special attention towards their well being as well as improving their skills and social status.  

Health and Safety  
We pay careful consideration to the health and safety of our employees at the workplace. In our activities safety takes precedence over all other considerations.

Customer Focus  
Our focus is to be the logistical solution provider of first choice to our customers. We value long-term relationships with all our clients and we devote all our efforts to fostering mutual benefit. Impeccable services at very competitive prices are our priorities.   

Environmentally Sustainable Operations  
We aim to ensure that all our operations and processes harmoniously co-exist with and support the sustainability of the environment.  

We believe that the only way for our customers to remain competitive on the global market and for us to maintain our competitive advantage of cost leadership is to continue to explore new ideas, methods and devices. We spot customer needs and strive to meet them with simple, creative solutions.   

Integrity and Transparency 
Our business operations and conduct are at all times governed by a high degree of integrity and transparency. We believe we owe it to our stakeholders to always be morally and ethically correct in our conduct.