Human Resources and Training

The Human Resources Branch is a central pillar of the National Railways of Zimbabwe.  It exists to provide impetus and direction to the organisation through strategically managing its human capital as its most valuable resource. The branch achieves this through its five functions which ensures the following:

  • Provision of pay, personnel and welfare services by improving the quality of pay and personnel services to staff. This entails identifying appropriate compensation based on role, performance and legal requirements.
  • Promotion of harmonious industrial relations environment by reducing the level of industrial disharmony in the Organization. This entails defending employee rights, coordinating with unions and mediating disagreements between the NRZ and its human resources.
  • Provision of adequate human resources by recruiting adequate staff who possess the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Provision of continuous staff training and development in order to improve staff competence levels. This is a key investment for the NRZ and the HR Branch is charged with maintaining a developmental approach to existing human capital.
  • Provision of industrial health care by improving the availability of drugs and examination equipment in the NRZ Clinics. The Branch aims at achieving best practices by carefully considering health concerns for employees.

Within each of these core functions, the Human Resources Branch conducts a wide variety of activities.  These activities are all linked by a concern for employee well- being and ensuring that the NRZ treat its employees in a way that provides mutual benefit for both the employee and the Organisation.

Projected Growth Plans

  • Upgrade NRZ Training Centre to a National University which offers Railway Related Degree programmes.
  • Migration from manual recruitment systems to e-recruitment.
  • Computerization of the pay and records section.