Works and Building ServicesWorks and Building Services Section  is responsible  for planning , controlling and coordinating  maintenance activities of all civil infrastructures, buildings as well as the managing of Railway development capital construction projects  to acceptable standards. Key amongst the services offered is the management of the utilities fire and environmental systems. This unit is comprised of professionally trained fire technicians who under take timeous inspections and maintenance of all fire prevention and fighting equipment. The most recent development has been the installation of smoke detectors at the company’s Headquarters in Bulawayo. The Building section is comprised of Engineers and Apprentice trained Artisans skilled in all facets of the construction sector.

The main objectives of this Section are to reduce expenditure of utilities by timeously attending to leakages, refurbishment of water supply and distribution systems and monitoring of water consumption. Drill/resuscitate and equip boreholes at key locations to reduce portable water consumption.  Maintaining buildings, workshops and related infrastructure e.g. roads and sewer to meet Local Authority standards is also. Maintain environmental protection services to meet Environmental Agencies standards.

  • Improve /provide fire safety of organisational assets – buildings and Rolling stock against fire by maintaining and installing firefighting and detection equipment.
  • Constructed new facilities/structures for the safe smooth movement of traffic  g. construction of communication masts and reconstruction  of failed culvert.
  • Improve security of NRZ properties and improving revenue collection by eliminating thorough fares at major Stations.
  • Reducing environmental pollution.
  • Administer Railway land and Survey issues.
  1. The Section thrives to contribute towards the development of the organisation by rehabilitating failed culverts there by providing a higher operational efficiency safe track .

Enhancing corporate image by face lifting critical public buildings.

  1. The Section has potential to grow by providing technical expertise on Building projects at affordable rates were in the client provides material resources for internal and external clients.
  2. Engagement of employees on the shop floor and part ownership of the recapitalization projects will ensure a success for the organization.
  3. Utilize recycled materials for low cost and sustainability of the environment on projects.