The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) recognizes the importance of its role in the economic performance of the country and appreciates the inherent safety and health implications and environmental  impact of its operations and processes.Values
We believe that:-

  • All our operations shall be carried out in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.
  •  Investment in safety and environment management programmes is as important as profit maximization.
  • Safety is the business of every NRZ employee and its stakeholders, with all parties acting in good faith, responsibly and abiding by the law.
  • All our operations and processes can harmoniously co-exist with the environment and communities  through implementation of best practices.

Corporate Governance
The National Railways of Zimbabwe shall:-

  • Ensure that operations are in compliance with prevailing extant regulations, statutory requirements and adopted harmonized regional standards.
  • Ensure integration of safety and environment management systems/requirements in all its undertakings.
  • Monitor and evaluate the safety and environmental impact of its operations to maintain safe, healthy and conducive working environments for employees, contractors and the public.
  • Ensure that whenever accidents occur, they are recorded, investigated and remedial action taken timeously.
  • Review records of accidents to facilitate continuous improvement.
  • Inform, train and work with customers and communities to raise awareness and co-operation in implementing safety and environment management programmes.

The NRZ shall ensure that wherever there exists a conflict of interest, safety takes precedence over all other considerations and that all our processes shall always conform to a sustainable utilization of the environment.