The National Railways Museum is the place to visit for enthusiasts. The Museum houses historic milestones in the development of the railways in Africa. The grand plan by early railway proponents was to establish a railway network from Cape to Cairo. This historic plan is document in some of the well preserved hand written documents that outline the day to day operations of the early railway operations.


A section of the NRZs Railway Museums exhibition hall.

Among the many exhibits is a collection of steam and diesel  locomotives, construction and recovery equipment,  Rhodes funeral coach as well as a collection of priceless photos. Visitors to the museum will be mesmerized  by the great collection of memorabilia  available for them to explore. A visit to the railway museum will certainly give visitors an experience of a lifetime. The Museum was established in 1972 and is located just over a  kilometer from the city center in Bulawayo. The museum’s office is actually Shamva Station which was uprooted ‘from its original site and reassembled at its current location.