What is Railstar Parcel Service?

Railstar Parcel Service is a distinct brand of service for transporting parcels within Zimbabwe and to Chicualacuala in Mozambique as well as Francistown in Botswana. It is an express overnight parcels service by passenger train that is tailor made to meet customer needs especially where cost and transit time is of utmost importance.

What do we move?

Items that we move include the under listed:

  • Urgent mail and documents
  • Perishables
  • Valuable parcels
  • Commercial goods
  • General and household goods
  • Coffins and/ or corpse in suitable caskets
  • Day old chicks and small live domestic animals in limited numbers.

The items are conveyed in covered wagons with a carrying capacity of 37,000 kg and must not occupy a floor area of more than 37.4 square metres and must not be of more than 15,392m in length, 2,527m in width and 2,438m in height.

How are parcels conveyed and dispatched?

Parcels are loaded in lockable covered rail wagons and dispatched by the first available passenger train. Each item must not weigh more than 125 kg. Items of a hazardous nature or those difficult to handle that might cause delays in loading and offloading en-route will not be accepted for conveyance by this service. Received parcels are available for collection within 30 minutes of arrival of a passenger train.

Which stations accept and receive parcels?

Goods can be tendered for conveyance to and received at any point/station on the railway network countrywide. Listed below are some major routes providing railstar services. By special arrangement parcels can also be accepted or received at designated sidings and halts for your convenience.