What is our Commuter/Intracity Service?

This service is available in the mornings and evenings in the main cities of Bulawayo and Harare to provide transport to the commuting public from/to the urban homes to/from the city centre to the urban populace.

On what routes is the service available?

The following routes are currently on offer:
Harare City-Marimba-Harare City
Harare City-Ruwa-Harare City
Harare City-Dzivarasekwa-Harare City
Bulawayo City-Emganwini-Bulawayo City
Bulawayo City-Luveve-Bulawayo City


How can you make a reservation?

Currently there is no prior reservation of seats on commuter trains. Seats are sold on a first come first served basis.

What other services are offered by our Passenger Services Business Unit?

For its in house laundry requirements, the NRZ owns laundry facilities in Bulawayo. The facilities are also available for your industrial laundry requirements for items such as blankets, bed sheets, work suits, etc.

We provide catering services through our rail leisure restaurants at the major stations of Bulawayo and Harare. We also have canteens at Bulawayo, Harare, Gweru and Mutare.  We serve a wide range of food primarily for the rail traveller as well as our staff. We are also available for your catering requirements at functions.

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