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The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) recognizes the importance of its role in the economic

performance of the country and appreciates the inherent safety and health implications and environmental  impact of its operations and processes.


We believe that:-

§  All our operations shall be carried out in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

§  Investment in safety and environment management programmes is as important as profit


§  Safety is the business of every NRZ employee and its stakeholders, with all parties acting

in good faith, responsibly and abiding by the law.

§  All our operations and processes can harmoniously co-exist with the environment and

communities  through implementation of best practices.


The National Railways of Zimbabwe shall:-

§  Ensure that operations are in compliance with prevailing extant regulations, statutory

requirements and adopted harmonized regional standards.

§  Ensure integration of safety and environment management systems/requirements in all its


§  Monitor and evaluate the safety and environmental impact of its operations to maintain

safe, healthy and conducive working environments for employees, contractors and the


§  Ensure that whenever accidents occur, they are recorded, investigated and remedial

action taken timeously.

§  Review records of accidents to facilitate continuous improvement.

§  Inform, train and work with customers and communities to raise awareness and

co-operation  in implementing safety and environment management programmes.

The NRZ shall ensure that wherever there exists a conflict of interest, safety takes precedence over all other considerations and that all our processes shall always conform to a sustainable utilization of the environment.



GENERAL MANAGER 01 January 2013


What is Rail Leisure?

The tourism business has undergone dynamic expansion of unrivalled nature over the last several decades. This has mainly been due to the dawn of a 'borderless' world and improved information dissemination about the majestic sceneries throughout the world in general and Southern Africa in particular. It is from this realisation that we introduced the Rail Leisure portfolio. This is a portfolio that specialises in the provision of tourist and leisure services. The major services provided include:

  • Steam Safari Excursions                                                       
  • Premier Class Services
  • Museum and Heritage Centres
  • Train Charter Services

Steam Safari Excursions
These are short distance, one day tours designed to give families a day out for fun and recreation. These tours are traditionally run on days like valentine, mother’s day, fathers’ day and occasionally during the festive season. Excursions are characterised by steam locomotives for traction power, breakfast on board, bush style barbecue lunch and gifts to suit the occasion. As part of our corporate social responsibility part proceeds are channelled to charity.

Premier Class Services
This is a differential service offered on our passenger trains aimed at giving travellers a hotel experience on board. It is designed for convenience and adventure. Travellers just unpack once into the train for days of adventure, no need for hotel accommodation for the train will be sufficient for that. This service has the following features:

  • On board hot shower facilities
  • Carpeted compartments
  • Lockable doors with inbuilt safes for small valuables
  • Buffet breakfast and dinner
  • On board cash bar
  • Lounge area with stereo entertainment.

Premier class services are available on all routes and are currently run on a charter basis.

Museum and Heritage Centres
The history of Zimbabwe is intricately linked to the history of the Railways. The development of cities and various towns including the world famous Victoria Falls follow the Railway line. This rich history stemming from Cecil John Rhodes’ dream of a railway line from Cape to Cairo has been preserved in the National Railways museum. The most valuable piece of history is Cecil John Rhodes’ private saloon which is stabled in its original condition in the Railway Museum. The railway museum is located in Bulawayo and plans afoot to open another one in Victoria Falls.

Charter Train Services
Individuals, groups, churches and organizations can get a special charter train with their own specific itinerary going to any destination on our railway system. This service is designed to serve the needs of those that might want a personalised passenger train service. Some of the popular charters include photographic tours, premier class charters and joy rides.

How can you make a booking?

Bookings for steam safari excursions can be done at Harare and Bulawayo reservations offices from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. Bookings for each tour close a month before the run and discounts are given for early bookings.

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