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What Is Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy?


The National railways of Zimbabwe played a pivotal role in moving donated medical equipment for "Eyes for Zimbabwe" from Sango border post to Harare for the improvement of health delivery system in the country.

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Our business operations and conduct are at all times governed by a high degree of integrity and transparency. We believe we owe it to our stakeholders to always be morally and ethically correct in our conduct.

We believe that the only way for our customers to remain competitive on the global market and for us to maintain our competitive advantage of cost leadership is to continue to explore new ideas, methods and devices. We spot customer needs and strive to meet them with simple, creative solutions. 

We aim to ensure that all our operations and processes harmoniously co-exist with and support the sustainability of the environment.

Our focus is to be the logistical solution provider of first choice to our customers. We value long-term relationships with all our clients and we devote all our efforts to fostering mutual benefit. Impeccable services at very competitive prices are our priorities. 

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